Ritz Ujenzi

Ritz Ujenzi is an excellent choice in construction, supplies, project management as well as furnishing.

At Ritz Ujenzi, we strive to deliver quality, on time, under-budget projects that include terrific environmental stewardship and community relations. We are different in the way we execute our work and achieve these goals. We take a highly collaborative approach with every commercial building project, working closely with owners, architects, and the rest of the planning team well before ground is broken. Clients are equipped with the right information, from cost analyses to schedules, to help them make informed decisions.

Ritz Ujenzi prides itself in providing local communities and people around the country with a decent living by giving them a platform to showcase their furnishing expertise to our clients. This has greatly impacted the communities by improving their livelihoods.

Ritz Ujenzi is proving services with an international standards in Project Management, Construction and furnishing. Ritz Ujenzi expansion in the construct in the sector has seen us venture into the construction of commercial space as well as construction of estates.

Our construction is well managed and as a result we have achieved the highest quality and best value for money because we do the project with the shortest time possible,

Ritz Ujenzi Services


At Ritz Ujenzi, we provide you with the best construction services in the building of residential and commercial buildings. We pride ourselves in high stndards of building required by each individual clients and is achieved through the use of innovative technology.

Supply of Building Materials

At Ritz Ujenzi, we helps our customer access affordable construction materials by partnering with different construction material suppliers ranging from hardwares, industries as well as quarries.


At Ritz Ujenzi, we offer highly professionalized project management services that fully respond to our clients’ needs related to land, real estate and construction industries. We are also responsible for controlling or coordinating the whole property development process, representing our clients to ensure increased efficiency, economy, communication and successful completion of projects.


At Ritz Ujenzi, we partner with different suppliers to supply house furnishing. This has helped us impact the lives of the locals and empower them financially.

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